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Lake Gaston Awning designs custom solar shades and other solutions for windows, entryways, patios, decks and more. Take a look at a sampling of some of the solutions we designed for residents and businesses in and around Lake Gaston. Awnings and Solar Shades are two popular products we suggest to protect harmful rays, and cut down glare without cutting out the beautiful water view of the lake. Another popular solution is our solar screens. For a free estimate for custom solutions to protect your family from harmful UVA rays, or to add an attractive entry way for weather protection contact Lake Gaston Awning today!

  • Porch Awning
    Porch Awning Blends in with House Design
  • Awning Protects Sunroom
    Awning to Protect Sunroom
  • Residential Deck Awning
    Residential Deck Awning
  • Deck Awning
    Deck Awning - View from Ground Up
  • Retractable Deck Awning
    Partial Deck Awning - Retractable
  • Custom Awning Design
    Shading Inside & Out with this Custom Awning
  • Custom Deck Awning
    Deck Entrance - Custom Colored Awning
  • Carport Awnings
    We Do Custom Carports Too!
  • Porch Awning - Provides Shade
    Porch Awning - Provides Shade
  • Attractive Awning For Deck Entrance
    We Do Custom Carports Too!
  • A Place To Sit in The Shade - Solar Screens NC
    A Place To Sit in The Shade - Solar Screens
  • Cute Awnings To Accent Deck Windows
    Cute Awnings To Accent Deck Windows
  • Patio Awning
    Patio Awning

We specialize in custom shades and solar screens in VA & NC!