Lake Gaston

Custom Designed Awnings VA - Miscellaneous Projects

Awnings Roanoke Rapids, Littleton NC, Bracey & South Hill VA and more...

Kenny Cales is known for his creative solutions when it comes to sun & glare protection, as well as designing attractive entry ways for his clients. He and his partner Crystal Cantrell share some of his unique awning and shade designs in the gallery below. Contact Lake Gaston Awning to custom design an awning, shade or other unique item. Our service area includes Roanoke Rapids and Littleton NC, Bracey & South Hill VA and other surrounding areas of Lake Gaston.

  • Custom Awning makes area attractive
    Custom Awning Makes Area Attractive
  • Custom Shade Design
    Opening In Need of Custom Shade
  • Custom Shade Installed
    Custom Shade Installed
  • Custom Transparent Protection
    Custom Transparent Protection - Work In Progress
  • Creative Design with Transparency
    Custom Transparent Protection Finished Product
  • Custom Canvas weather Protection - Solar Shades NC
    Custom Canvas Weather Protection
  • Custom Pation Shade Retracted
    Custom Patio Shade Retracted
  • Patio Shade Pulled Down for Sun Protection
    Patio Shade Pulled Down For Sun Protection
  • Southside Baptist Church LaCrosse VA - Custom Shade Project
    In Need Of Weather Protection
  • Aluminum Walkway Canopy
    Solution - Aluminum Walkway Canopy - In Progress
  • Aluminum Walkway Canopy with Build-In Gutter Protection
    Canopy Design With Built In Gutter Protection
  • Solar Shades VA & NC - Aluminum Canopy Materials & Design
    Details of Aluminum Canopy Design
  • Canopy Securely Fastened to Church Structure
    Securely Attached To Church Structure
  • Custom designed Awnings VA - Walkways
    Now An Elegant Walkway & Entrance Way